Dotty Pillow, 16" x 16"

Dotty Pillow Natural 1.jpg
Dotty Pillow Color Run.jpg
Dotty Pillow Natural 1.jpg
Dotty Pillow Color Run.jpg

Dotty Pillow, 16" x 16"

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16" x 16", Zipper Closure

Screen Printed + Hand Sewn

Available with or without a Feather Down Insert.

Available in:

Natural with Black Ink (Black Linen Backing)

Blue with Black Ink (Black Linen Backing)

Black with Gold Ink (Black Linen Backing)

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Screen printed and hand sewn; 16" x 16" with a zipper closure for easy removal. 

Our favorite dotty print, now on a pillow! This 16" Square pillow comes with a fluffy and full feather down insert; or, if you have your own, order just the pillowcase! 

+ Our designs start with hand-sketches and slowly evolve to the final product through a small scale screen printing process done by us in a local artists co-op. Each item is hand-sewn and finished in our small home studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

+ Why linen? 
> Linen is much stronger than cotton, virtually lint free, and gets softer with every wash.
> Linen is highly absorbent and can hold 20% of it's weight in water without feeling wet.
> Made from flax (a renewable resource), linen is not only environmentally friendly, but totally biodegradable, and free of harmful toxins. The production of the linen I use to make these napkins creates zero water or air pollution.

Product & Care Information:
+ These pillows are made out of 100% linen fabric.
+ The finished size of each pillow is approximately 16" x 16". 
+ If using your own insert, we recommend an 18" x 18" insert for the fullest look.
+ Machine washable (warm or cool) on a gentle cycle setting, ideally with phosphate-free detergent for optimal color retention. Dry clean recommended for best longevity. 

A Note About Screenprinting: 
Screenprinting is a manual, hand printing process which can result in slight variations from print to print. As artists, we see this as part of the beauty of a hand made item, and part of what makes each Loft Studios item uniquely yours.